Oli d'en Grau

Organic virgin olive oil · 100% Argudell · Mature olive groves from the Albera

Respect for biodiversitat , dryland farming, quality products!

For our oil we only use olives collected by hand directly from the tree
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In eating Oli d’en Grau you help to preserve the Albera landscape, disover the argudell variety of olive, promote biodiversity and, above all, get to enjoy exceptional oil.

Pesticide and herbicide free
Certified organic
PE -9867b
Good water
managment practices

Through our work, we want to protect the unique landscape of the Albera, which we love and call home. Over time we are recovering the old argudell olive groves that have been abandoned by previous generations.

A unique place, testimony to work and a human presence that, with time, has created this spectular landscape.

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L’oli d’en Grau is a product born at La Gutina.

La Gutina is a family that has lived and worked the land on the family finca for several generations at the foot of the Albera mountain massif.

We love the region and are concious of the responsibility famers have in caring for the land, their own health and the health of their clients. Becasue of this we offer oil and wines of maxium quality that are consistent, honest and artisanal, produced at our home and made only using grapes from our own vines.

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