Oli d’en Grau

Organic extra virgin olive oil


100% Argudell picked from mature groves in the Albera.

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Certificates and anlysis:
Certificación EXTRA VIRGENOlidenGrau (Descripción Degustación)


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L’Oli d’en Grau is an organic extra virgin olive oil from argudell olive trees.

Our olives come from our mature groves situated in the countryside surrounding the villages of Sant Climent Sescebes, Espolla, Rabós and Peralada.


We practice farming with little intervention, maintaining vegetation cover, and only clearing in strips if we add manure (generally from sheep or cows grazed in open spaces), or if we need to aerate the soil. Pruning keeps the trees open and exposed to the sun, encouraging young wood to grow whilst getting rid of the older wood.

We treat with Bordeaux broth to prevent mildew and control the presence of white fly with a plant based insecticide.


Harvesting the olives begins at the start of November when the olives are still primarily green. All of our olives come directly from the tree and are collected by laying nets on the floor and shaking the olives out with sticks or battery operated shakers.

We store the olives in crates of 30kgs until they are taken to be pressed, which is usually every 2-3 days.


We leave our olives in the best hands! Our oil is extracted at Mas Auró de Esponellà: a modern mill with vertical pressses that decant the oil from the olives in 2 phases. We don’t filter the oil, it is left to settle for a few days before being transferred and cleaned to remove the larger particles.


We conserve the oil in stainless steel tanks, which seals it from any contact with oxygen. It is then packaged in cans, a container that completely protects the oil from the light as well as helping to lower the carbon footprint with its reduced weight.


Oli d’en Grau has intense scents of freshly cut grass and wild flowers, and is silky and soft in the mouth. It tastes green and fruity, slightly bitter, and with a spicy finish, like true virgin olive oil.