Our project

To care for the landscape and make great organic oil!

Through our love for the Albera and where we live, we are revitalising ancient argudell olive groves that previous generations abandoned over the years. Our objective is to value these groves and produce a quality product.

These ancient places are a testimony to the work and human presence that, over time, has created this spectacular landscape. These olive groves are a valuable part of our heritage that we do not want to lose. We don’t want to abandon the countryside, we want to live in it and help it to live.

We want to promote traditional, dryland, local, human, and quality farming!

L’Oli d’en Grau is a family project.

Here you can see Joan Carles, Gerard and Aitor: father and sons.

We look after 6 hectares of mature olive groves, an essential part of our landscape, and the history of the families that have cared for them for generations.

We believe in the argudell, a traditional variety of olive from Empordà, and on the finca we have chosen to plant 3.5 hectares of young trees of this variety.

With our work, we want to maintain and protect this unique landscape, a mosaic of vines, forests and olive groves.

We want to revitalise the practice of organic farming, sustainability, and respect for the environment and its biodiversity.

We want to offer you fantastic, organic virgin olive oil!

  • We are a young business rooted in the area
  • We care about the countryside and our land
  • We maintain the indigenous argudell variety
  • We value high quality olive oil as an artisan product